Day 15- A Time of Refreshing

As we enter our 15th day of Prayer and Fasting, think back to where you were in your walk with God and what you were asking Him to do in your spiritual walk with Him. You may have been looking to Him for guidance in a certain situation, a healthier lifestyle, a healing for you or someone else, protection against COVID-19 or a deeper walk with Him and the promises of His word. Whatever it was, where are you now? Has God lead you down these roads or has He taken you far deeper than you expected?

When we fast, we ask God for many things like forgiveness for something that He forgave us for long ago, but we just cannot seem to forgive ourselves for. We ask for healing, deliverance from something we struggle to break completely free from, intervention, a touch for our hurting hearts or salvation for family and friends.

We go through so many situations in our daily lives that sometimes we just need a time of cleansing and refreshing. Many times, we start our fasting with no specific idea of how we need to pray or what others around us may need us to pray for. But as we fast and pray, God begins to change us on the inside. As God rearranges our thoughts, we begin to see many things differently and our focus changes from the natural to the spiritual.

The Holy Spirit shows us what He desires for our lives both here on earth as well as in the heavenly realms. He begins to give us a love for those that we may consider unlovable and we begin to pray for them even though it may seem unnatural in our human understanding. He reveals the names of people we should pray for without having any idea of the specific needs. As you pray, when God puts a name on heart, pray for that person immediately.

Many times, the Holy Spirit leads us to pray in the Spirit because we do not know the need, but God does. There is something so beautiful about the Spirit of God in you praying the perfect will of God. When the Holy Spirit leads you to pray, take the time to enjoy the peace and place He takes you to while He reveals His marvelous love for you.

Whatever you are seeking from the Lord during this time, be open to new revelations and guidance. He desires that we move forward in our relationship with Him while we continue to follow His leading to share what we have found with others who may not know the God we Love and Serve.

So, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, continue to fast and pray as the Lord of the Universe gives you peace and joy for His mercies are new every morning!

Mike Alexander

January 17, 2021

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