Day 10- Pressing On

Day 10. Today we find ourselves in the Middle. In the gap. We have made it this far and we can see the finish line. The Lord is telling us to press in to press on. Don’t quit.

Fasting is a war. Fasting accompanied by prayer are the weapons that win the war! Fasting invites the Holy Spirit to your battle. Fasting opens a window of opportunity. God will make you face adversity but he will not leave you in the battle. He will take you through. He will let you see the enemy and the weapons of warfare so you are wise to them and so that you will know that in Him alone is Victory.

He will allow the fiery arrows to land all around you as he covers you with his love. Reassuring you that He has you. Just stand firm. Follow me. I am with you and for you. Keep your eyes on me my child. You will see a victory. If you will remain steadfast in my ways and do my will.

T.L. Lowery penned “Fasting is answering the call of the Spirit. Biblical Fasting is not an exercise of the natural man. It originates in the Spirit and is an attitude of the heart. When we sanctify a fast, we shut out the things of the world around us and set ourselves apart to draw near to God.”

Your fasting is putting off things of this world so we can put on the things of God!

Jentzen Franklin describes fasting as putting God’s hand to our hands.

Fasting and prayer allows you to be able to tap into the unlimited supernatural Power of God.

Fasting calls God to our weakness.

When we align ourselves with God’s will through fasting, He will reveal in prayer and through His Word truths over our lives as we empty ourselves. Fasting dethrones the enemy. The sin in our lives. Fasting weakens the Power of Hell.

When things change in the Spiritual World it WILL manifest in the natural. You will see the deliverance of His people. You will receive healing! You will see the Goodness of God! You will know the Joy of the Lord! God will restore the broken and give peace!

The change can not happen in the natural until it changes in the spirit. Fasting breaks through in the spiritual realm to complete a work that can only be accomplished as we meet with Jesus in heavenly realms and take authority in His Mighty Name.

There is a Pattern to release an outpouring of God. Repentance, turning, fasting, weeping and interceding before God.

Fasting is a desperation to see God Move. A coming to the end of ourselves. An emptying of self. A putting down of flesh. A fixing of focus. A tuning of our ears to the voice of God. Fasting makes it not about me and it all about Him.

Fasting shifts our desire off of our physical needs to a desire for God to meet our spiritual needs!

Stand Firm! Press On! Press In! He is not done yet!!

There is a promise on the other side of your obedience.

As you seek God by fasting and prayer expect to hear from God. Expect to receive His direction. Then act in faith upon the Word of the Lord you receive as you position yourself for Victory!

Amy Thrasher

January 13, 2021

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