Day 9- Why Do We Fast?

Do we fast because we don’t like chocolate, or because we enjoy going days without eating our favorite foods? No, we would probably prefer to eat whatever we’d like whenever we want, right? So why do we fast? Well anytime someone would ask GOD for help in the Bible they fasted to show that they were relying and believing in GOD to work through their circumstance. But why does giving up a certain kind of food show this?

In Matthew 4:4 Jesus rebuked the devil’s temptation by saying “The scripture says ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD.” Here Jesus tells us that we can’t live just by eating food, yes our bodies will live and grow stronger but our spirits will grow weak and die, but if we devote ourselves to His Word and listen to what He tells us our spirits will grow stronger. So, again why do we fast? By starving our bodies of the pleasures that it wants such as our favorite foods, TV shows, games, or electronics we remove the distractions that come with them, then we can concentrate on listening to what GOD says.

We’re even expressing to GOD that we care more for Him than our earthly pleasures, and when we show Him our hearts’ true desire for Him He often blesses us with a gift whether it be a spiritual gift like the Holy Ghost, or maybe an answer to a question that’s important to us, or a physical intervention like healing. Also, there are many times He gives us a blessing we might never realize we needed, and sometimes we might never even know what it is. So, in short, by fasting we come to know GOD more closely and more intimately just by setting aside some time from our daily routine and comforts.

Javan Pruett

January 12, 2021

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